Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Additional Goals for Monetising Android Development

What is this post about?
In my initial post for this blog, I listed my goals for this projects as a whole - my financial targets that I am ultimately setting out to achieve. I will list those again as a refresher:

Primary Goals
  1. Earn over $1 in a single day.
  2. Earn $10 dollars in a single month.
  3. Earn $30 dollars in a single month.
  4. Earn $50 dollars in a single month.
  5. Earn $100 in a single month.
  6. Earn $500 in a month.
  7. Earn $50 a day/$1500 in a month.
The above goals are incremental and will take a long time to achieve, as I haven't reached even the first one yet. I am going to call these original goals my primary goals. As my career developing Android apps for money progresses, to goals will be ticked off in order.

I would also like to throw in a few side targets for fun and motivational purposes - I work a lot better when I have a realistic target to reach. I have listed below a few secondary targets, which may or may not happen in order, and I may add to these goals throughout:

Secondary Goals
  • To earn $5 in a single month (so far this month $4.57, that's the highest so far).
  • To achieve more than 1000 ad impressions in a single day (highest is 964).
  • To achieve 500 active installs for Simple Calorie Tracker/Counter (currently 271).
  • To achieve 2000 active installs for Computer and IT Quiz (currently 1040).
  • Create my first graphical game.
  • Leave full time employment.

I feel these secondary goals are just the tool I need to help me form a great career.
Does anyone use similar (or completely different) strategies for motivation?

My next post is now available here.
thanks, Mike.

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