Monday, May 7, 2012

April 2012 Profits

First let me start by saying my 2 week holiday to Florida was amazing - had the best time ever visiting the theme parks and, of course, eating burgers.

So down to Android business... well I'm happy to say that despite a scary start to this Android development career, things are now back to normal. I am still earning only a small amount of money, but uninstalls are no longer rising at the alarming rate like they were before, and the earnings are still pretty much the same as they were before any problems.

I still haven't reached my first goal yet of reaching $1 in a single day yet, in fact my stats for April for  Computer and IT Quiz are:
Earnings: $3.09
Total impressions: 17,689
Active installs: 1,070

Stats for Simple Calorie Tracker/Counter are:
Earnings: $0.00
Total impressions: 0
Active installs: 269

Now, that sounds quite poor -  but if you have read my earlier posts you will see that I have a lot less active installs due to a (still not fully explainable) large period of uninstalls of my main earning app,  Computer and IT Quiz.

I am actually very pleased with these results, and my app continues to receive very positive feedback (mostly 4 and 5 stars). I hope that next month I can earn at least $5 and maybe achieve my first goal. We shall see.

Thanks again for reading - my next post is now available here.


  1. What sort of marketing did you do to get those install #'s and impressions? I'm a start-up Android Developer too and trying to figure out what's what at the moment!

  2. Hi mike I didn't do any marketing for this app although when I first launched the computer quiz it was quite unique to the android market so I guess that is an important factor.

    Other than that regular updates are great for keeping people using the app.

    In terms of ad impressions I like to place ads in as much of the app as possible without ruining the users experience with the app.

    Hope this helps you. best of luck with your apps!

  3. Interesting results then. And I can totally agree with the idea of ad placement!

    I'm going to try to have some sort of marketing strategy down before I finalize my next game - I'm definitely going to post it up on my blog, and I'll be sure to share the results with you (if you want)!

    1. Hi mike definitely keep me posted on how your marketing goes and any tips would be fantastic - I will have a good read through your blog when I get some time and check it out.

      I need to get working on my next app in the near future too!