Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Active Installs still Falling

What's going on - active installs still falling?
Active installs are still falling fast for my  Computer and IT Quiz app - Active installs are now at 1,295 (was 1,658 at the start of this blog and was at one time around 3,000).
I still cannot figure this out. I have had another look through the statistics and can that it's not any specific version of the app that's being installed - it's all versions. There may be a problem with the app on some devices although feedback has given no clues as to the problem.

I had hoped to turn the  Computer and IT Quiz  app into something that earned me at least a little money towards my final goal of $1500 per month, but at this rate I'd better put more effort into some of my new ideas.

I will spend a little more time on the app when I get back from my 2 week break, and then see how things go - I will set up some more emulator screen sizes for testing, as currently I am only testing on my HTC Sensation.

So here are the stats for this month so far - I will post the full months stats when I am back from my break:

Computer and IT Quiz:
Active installs last month: 1,658
Active installs now: 1,295
Profit so far this month from Adsense: $1.26
Adsense impressions so far this month: 9,367

Simple Calorie Tracker/Counter:

Active installs last month: 272
Active installs now: 272
Profit so far this month from Adsense: $0.0
Adsense impressions so far this month: 0

Interestingly, looking at the number of impressions for the computer quiz, it is around the same mark as it was at this point last month, before all the uninstalls started happening., so there may be some hope yet. Hopefully the active installs out there now are strong and are used regularly, to create a large volume of ad impressions - after all that's what I want at the end of the day.

I would also like to point out that the Simple Calorie Tracker/Counter has very little activity surrounding it. Maybe it just isn't exciting enough - after all it is a very simple tool (as it was designed to be). It just doesn't seem to have a place in the Play Store.

Tasks for when I return:

  • Get started on my next app - I have now got the creative juices flowing, so to speak. I can't really give away any details - again, it's not a major app but it is one I believe will be very useful for guitar/bass players.
  • I will also see if the uninstalls have evened out when I get back, for the Computer and IT Quiz. Lets hope they don't fall enough to cause my app to drop down the list in search results in the Play Store.
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