Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Additional Goals for Monetising Android Development

What is this post about?
In my initial post for this blog, I listed my goals for this projects as a whole - my financial targets that I am ultimately setting out to achieve. I will list those again as a refresher:

Primary Goals
  1. Earn over $1 in a single day.
  2. Earn $10 dollars in a single month.
  3. Earn $30 dollars in a single month.
  4. Earn $50 dollars in a single month.
  5. Earn $100 in a single month.
  6. Earn $500 in a month.
  7. Earn $50 a day/$1500 in a month.
The above goals are incremental and will take a long time to achieve, as I haven't reached even the first one yet. I am going to call these original goals my primary goals. As my career developing Android apps for money progresses, to goals will be ticked off in order.

I would also like to throw in a few side targets for fun and motivational purposes - I work a lot better when I have a realistic target to reach. I have listed below a few secondary targets, which may or may not happen in order, and I may add to these goals throughout:

Secondary Goals
  • To earn $5 in a single month (so far this month $4.57, that's the highest so far).
  • To achieve more than 1000 ad impressions in a single day (highest is 964).
  • To achieve 500 active installs for Simple Calorie Tracker/Counter (currently 271).
  • To achieve 2000 active installs for Computer and IT Quiz (currently 1040).
  • Create my first graphical game.
  • Leave full time employment.

I feel these secondary goals are just the tool I need to help me form a great career.
Does anyone use similar (or completely different) strategies for motivation?

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thanks, Mike.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Back to Work Developing Android Apps

Back to Work
Sorry to any readers who have been expecting more regular updates - I have not had much time to spend on app development or this blog over the last couple of weeks since I got back from holiday, but things are now back to normal.

My Andromo app - 'Earn a Living with Android Apps'
In my last post I mentioned a website called Andromo, which lets you create your own content based apps in just a few clicks. I created an app which uses RSS to feed my blog to this Android app.
So far I have had a whopping 8 downloads and currently 1 active device install. So that app has not (yet) taken off...

This month has seen me earn a little more than last month - I have not yet met my first goal, but came very close, and of course any increase on the last month is a step in the right direction. I will post the monthly profits in a couple of days - there are a couple more days left yet!

App updates
As this is my first evening back developing, I have made only a small modification. I have placed an information page in my Computer and IT Quiz, which contains links to my other apps. Hopefully a little cross promotion will up the number of downloads I am getting for Earn a Living with Android and Simple Calorie Tracker/Counter.

Thank you
Thanks for sticking with me and my blog, as well as reading my story so far. Please check out my apps to date and see what you think - all feedback is greatly appreciated and will help me a lot!

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cheers, Mike.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Can I make Money with Andromo for Android?

**Please not since I wrote this post, Andromo have announced they will start charging for their service. Despite offering me a large discount for being a valued customer etc, I don't think I will be subscribing..**

After searching the web recently, I happened upon something called Andromo.
Andromo.com is a website/tool that allows you to create (mainly content based) apps for Android, without any coding, very quickly.

As far as I can tell, at the moment it is only good for creating multimedia and information based apps. This sounded cool though so I had to have a go - I asked myself the questions: Can I make money with Andromo apps? If so, how much money can I make with Andromo apps!

With nothing to lose Andromo is free) I set out creating the app for this blog, titled Earn a Living with Android - click here to check it out. It delivers the content from this blog, via its RSS feed, straight to the app. It worked perfectly and it took me about ten minutes to create and then you can just download the APK file ready to copy to your mobile or upload to the Android/Play Market. Brilliant.

I am very impressed with Andromo, and I will be developing more apps in the future with it.

For now, please check out the app I created with Andromo.

At the end of the month, I'll add the stats for the app I just created too!
Thanks again for reading, My next post is available here.

Monday, May 7, 2012

April 2012 Profits

First let me start by saying my 2 week holiday to Florida was amazing - had the best time ever visiting the theme parks and, of course, eating burgers.

So down to Android business... well I'm happy to say that despite a scary start to this Android development career, things are now back to normal. I am still earning only a small amount of money, but uninstalls are no longer rising at the alarming rate like they were before, and the earnings are still pretty much the same as they were before any problems.

I still haven't reached my first goal yet of reaching $1 in a single day yet, in fact my stats for April for  Computer and IT Quiz are:
Earnings: $3.09
Total impressions: 17,689
Active installs: 1,070

Stats for Simple Calorie Tracker/Counter are:
Earnings: $0.00
Total impressions: 0
Active installs: 269

Now, that sounds quite poor -  but if you have read my earlier posts you will see that I have a lot less active installs due to a (still not fully explainable) large period of uninstalls of my main earning app,  Computer and IT Quiz.

I am actually very pleased with these results, and my app continues to receive very positive feedback (mostly 4 and 5 stars). I hope that next month I can earn at least $5 and maybe achieve my first goal. We shall see.

Thanks again for reading - my next post is now available here.