Monday, May 28, 2012

Back to Work Developing Android Apps

Back to Work
Sorry to any readers who have been expecting more regular updates - I have not had much time to spend on app development or this blog over the last couple of weeks since I got back from holiday, but things are now back to normal.

My Andromo app - 'Earn a Living with Android Apps'
In my last post I mentioned a website called Andromo, which lets you create your own content based apps in just a few clicks. I created an app which uses RSS to feed my blog to this Android app.
So far I have had a whopping 8 downloads and currently 1 active device install. So that app has not (yet) taken off...

This month has seen me earn a little more than last month - I have not yet met my first goal, but came very close, and of course any increase on the last month is a step in the right direction. I will post the monthly profits in a couple of days - there are a couple more days left yet!

App updates
As this is my first evening back developing, I have made only a small modification. I have placed an information page in my Computer and IT Quiz, which contains links to my other apps. Hopefully a little cross promotion will up the number of downloads I am getting for Earn a Living with Android and Simple Calorie Tracker/Counter.

Thank you
Thanks for sticking with me and my blog, as well as reading my story so far. Please check out my apps to date and see what you think - all feedback is greatly appreciated and will help me a lot!

My next post is now available here.
cheers, Mike.

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