Thursday, June 14, 2012

My First Flash/Adobe Air App for Android

'Make 'em All Red' is released on Google Play

I have just uploaded my first Adobe Air for Android app to Google Play (it may not be visible yet).
The app is a simple puzzle game that was developed very quickly to try out a little of the basic stuff in Flash.
It is a keypad puzzle whereby you light up all the keys/lights on the screen using different light combinations provided by the buttons:

I have not figured out how I should monetise Flash games - it may be a lot more difficult to place ads in there than with Java Android apps, but I will look into this for my next project. 'Make 'em all Red' is free and has no adverts.

I enjoyed learning the very basics of Flash (most of what I learned isn't in this app) - it is a lot less daunting (and a little more fun) than the heavy programming involved in normal Java Android development, and even if it does not become my main development method, I sure I will churn out a few more Flash games and apps along the way!

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