Saturday, December 7, 2013

November 2013 Profits

I was expecting a low payment for November. This was before I picked up the pace again, and so I only have myself to blame.

The grand total from app sales for November 2013 is:
Well, I can't live off that now can I?

I had a grand total of 3 sales of the Computer and IT Quiz Pro app. I have also noticed a drop in total installs of the Computer and IT Quiz Lite app, which I use to promote the Pro app, but I am hoping this will again pick up now I have started work on the app again.

I suppose many people would give up at this point, but I will not give up because I want to reach my goals so much.

Watch this space - I just hope the app price increase I implemented earlier today won't put people off downloading.

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Thanks for reading,


  1. Hey Mike!

    I guess $5 is too expensive for a quiz app!
    Personal opinion. :)

    Best of luck ! :D

    1. Yeah I wasn't really thinking quite right with this - I just pretty much converted for dollars without thinking about what it meant (I'm in the UK). I've changed it now anyway to something more realistic. Thanks for your comment!