Friday, April 5, 2013

The costs of Android development for a full time career

You most likely landed on this page as you are trying to achieve a similar goal to me; a full time career, from home, working for yourself, developing Android apps. Or perhaps you are just playing with the idea. Either way, you should find this post of interest.
I want to share with you some data on the amount of time I myself put into development at present on the way to achieving that elusive dream.
Consider this - I work full time in a job that is an hours drive away from home, and I have a fiancee whom I spend four or five nights a week with (as well as my days off). After getting home from work on the days I am alone, I eat my tea and am usually done by 6:30 or so. I don't like to work too late as I squeeze in a morning walk so am up at 5:30 in the morning, so on average I have four hours on my free days to spend worming towards my goal. Usually I have two free evenings per week, summing 8 hours of development time per week.
Not a lot really is it? OK, it does soak up my spare time like a dry sponge, but my hopes of leaving the rat race are too high, and I am happy to spend my time learning and programming, and I am determined that I will reach my goal.
I'm sure others have a much more packed development schedule that mine - please comment and let us know!

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