Thursday, April 18, 2013

February/March 2013 Profits

Hello - my latest stats are below. Remember, the amount now shown is AFTER Google take their cut, and so are a lot lower than before.

My primary goals are still the same though, the next being to earn $50 in a single month:

February: $23

March: $18

I have placed my goals below again so you can read through if you are interested:

  1. Earn over $1 in a single day. ACHIEVED
  2. Earn $10 dollars in a single month (approx 33c per day) ACHIEVED $16.26 - mostly from sales of Computer and IT Quiz Pro
  3. Earn $30 dollars in a single month ACHIEVED
  4. Earn $50 dollars in a single month.
  5. Earn $100 in a single month.
  6. Earn $500 in a month.
  7. Earn $50 a day/$1500 in a month.
  8. Leave full time employment.

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