Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Final Push for my App

Time to blog and develop

Good morning.

I do hope you are all well and thank you for continuing reading my blog, and checking my apps out.

I am currently off work with a stomach bug, so what better chance to catch up with my AndroidMakeMoney blog, and some development!

As I published my goals and achievments yesterday, I wont to this again today, but I can give out some other information. I have got a few things to share with you today:

Android App updates and improvements

Computer and IT Quiz Pro had another feature added to it today - a Sudden Death mode whereby the player must answer 100 questions in a row, without getting any wrong. I tried it myself. It's mega tough.
I placed the button for this in the free version, and when clicked, the user is prompted to download the pro version.
I think this will be one of the last major updates to this app (I may improve the Facebook and twitter interaction though). I have spent a lot of time on this app and it is not producing amazing results. I will, of course, still maintain the app and continue to add questions, but I won't be spending hours at a time adding new features. **I've changed my mind on this and will continue working on this app - I believe it has not yet reached it's full potential!**

Stop Binge Eating - This is a perfectly good app, but downloads have been extremely slow. OK, the app doesn't really do an awful lot - it contains some information about binge eating and a link to a support forum I put together especially for the app, but it is very useful all the same, so I gave it a bit of a makeover.
I changed the icon, put the icon in the app itself, and just generally tidied things up again.
I also changed all ads displayed in this app to point to Blou Simple Calorie Counter, and vice versa, so the two can promote each other for free!

Blou Simple Calorie Counter - Yep, new name and icon, and tidied up the appearance a little. I am also pointing all ads displayed in 'Blou' to the 'Stop Binge Eating' app, and vice versa, so they promote each other.

Making Money with Android Apps...

As you probably know, downloads of Computer and IT Quiz Pro have suffered almost a complete halt.
Yesterday, after updating only the Play Store description slightly (trying to get some sympathy downloads of the pro version!), I got 3 downloads.
OK, I know, 3 sounds really low, but for me it's really cool. It may be a sign that things are about to kick off again. We will see.

Graphs, charts, numbers... Active Device Installs

I have included some charts below of things that may interest you (I haven't shown all my apps - some of the graphs are steady and quite uninteresting in this way. That's not to say that I don't like a nice steady increase of installs mind!) Here are the active device installs for some apps:

Computer and IT Quiz Free

This is my favourite. From around March 2012 onwards (see my panic stricken blog posts from around that time),  I had a dramatic decrease in active installs of this app. It was crazy, and I still don't know what happened, but as you can see from the sudden climb a few months later, things are better than ever now. I often wonder if the stats were wrong at Google's end.

Blou Simple Calorie Counter

Blou seems to be doing rather well at the moment - I am putting it down to new years weight loss resolutions and new gym memberships.

What's next?

I am currently working on my next quiz, which isn't too far off being complete (it takes a long time to come up with all those questions!).

I won't give away the theme, but I am enjoying creating it. After that, I am going to go for an app with a wider target area and try to earn some decent money through ad revenue. I have loads of ideas up my sleeve.

So with that, I am off for a bath and then back to work on the new Quiz.

Thanks for reading this post!

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  1. Hey Mike, I sent you a private email (to sp***** about working together for the same goal. The subject of my email was "work together on android apps and others". Not sure if you overlooked it by accident, so I'm contacting you here too. If you did not overlook but simply you are not interested then never mind. Cheers, Janos