Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year - Android Development Career

New Year - What's going on now? Has my Android development career taken off?

Not yet.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Hope you have enjoyed any holidays, relaxing and general time away from work you have had (if any!) over the last couple of weeks.

I am once again in an odd situation with my Android Career - my paid version of Computer and IT Quiz Pro for Android all but stopped getting any downloads (after getting approx 1 per day for a couple of months).
This is very frustrating as I still haven't got to the bottom of it - the free version has continued to increase in downloads, and most of my sales for the pro version came from the ads in the free version, which were still running. There are no major bugs in the pro version and my pricing has been lowered a couple of times since this started, making no difference! I also added a bunch of different ads (all pointing to the pro version, but with a variety of ad text), but this has not helped.

I do, however, remain optimistic that my time will come.

If you have read this blog from the start, you will know that I would like to be at, or close to, leaving full time employment by the time I turn 30. Well, in December 2012, I turned 29. I have less than a year to boost by earnings dramatically.

I have, for now, switched to third party ads in the free version of Computer and IT Quiz, simply as a test (perhaps users had started to ignore the ads for the pro version as they are always there?).

I am going to spend some time this evening investigating the lack of sales for the pro version of the app - I really want to get back to were I was a couple of months ago, having met a couple of my goals. I did, however, meet another of my secondary goals this month (after placing third party ads back in my free version of the Computer Quiz)... I achieved more that 1000 ad impressions in a single day.

Primary Goals
  1. Earn over $1 in a single day. ACHIEVED
  2. Earn $10 dollars in a single month (approx 33c per day) ACHIEVED $16.26 - mostly from sales of Computer and IT Quiz Pro
  3. Earn $30 dollars in a single month (approx $1 per day) (got close - $26.95)
  4. Earn $50 dollars in a single month.
  5. Earn $100 in a single month.
  6. Earn $500 in a month.
  7. Earn $50 a day/$1500 in a month.
Secondary Goals
  • To earn $5 in a single month - ACHIEVED $16.26 - mostly from sales of Computer and IT Quiz Pro
  • To achieve more than 1000 ad impressions in a single day. ACHIEVED 1629.
  • To achieve 500 active installs for Simple Calorie Tracker/Counter (currently 267).
  • To achieve 2000 active installs for Computer and IT Quiz (currently 5016). ACHIEVED
  • Create my first graphical game. ACHIEVED
  • Leave full time employment.

Thanks again for reading - please wish me luck with reaching more of my goals!

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