Friday, July 13, 2012

June 2012 Profits

Latest Information on the Spiderdog Android Project
Hello and welcome back - thanks for continuing to read my blog about Earning a Living with Android Apps.

I released a paid version of Computer and IT Quiz PRO in late May. This intention was to boost my earnings and add to the low income I am earning through my Admob ads. Unfortunately, as of yet, I have had no downloads I have now had my first download!

You are probably asking why anyone would pay for Computer and IT Quiz PRO when they can still get Computer and IT Quiz FREE... well, so far the difference is in PRO you can review all your answers at the end, and it does not contain any advertising, so you get a much neater app. I do have some plans for more features, to make the paid version more appealing. Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated.

New App Coming Soon
I have already started work on another app now - it is based on the code for the Computer Quiz, but is a completely different category (not computers). Sorry, I can't give away any more information, but creating the questions is a lot of fun!

I will release the new app as paid, as it is quite specific and there is no quiz the same on the market at present. Hopefully it will get some downloads, but we will see. I will post when it has been released.

June 2012 Profits

Admob earning - $2.24 ($2.19 of which came from Computer and IT Quiz FREE).
Admob ad impressions - 17,851 (17,148 came from Computer and IT Quiz FREE).
Paid app downloads - 0
Paid app earnings - $0.0

These numbers are indeed very low, and as I have devoted all my ad space to advertising my Computer and IT Quiz PRO, next month there will be now ad earnings at all... but, I am still fully intending on earning a living with my Anroid apps, and I will continue working at it until it happens.

My next post is now available here
See you soon.

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