Thursday, July 19, 2012

Firsts Steps to Making Money with Android

Welcome again to my blog.

I recently had the first download of my paid  Computer and IT Quiz Pro  app, and have now decided to have another look at the goals I initially set, to see if any of them have been reached. I have highlighted reached goals in green:

Primary Goals
  1. Earn over $1 in a single day. $2.37 in a single day by sale of Computer and IT Quiz Pro
  2. Earn $10 dollars in a single month.
  3. Earn $30 dollars in a single month.
  4. Earn $50 dollars in a single month.
  5. Earn $100 in a single month.
  6. Earn $500 in a month.
  7. Earn $50 a day/$1500 in a month.
Secondary Goals
  • To earn $5 in a single month (so far this month $4.57, that's the highest so far).
  • To achieve more than 1000 ad impressions in a single day (highest is 964).
  • To achieve 500 active installs for Simple Calorie Tracker/Counter (currently 271).
  • To achieve 2000 active installs for Computer and IT Quiz (currently 1040).
  • Create my first graphical game. Done this - see Make 'em all Red
  • Leave full time employment.
As you can see from above, I have indeed reached two of my goals towards making a living with Android apps. One primary goal (which I am extremely pleased with), and one secondary goal. Naturally both goals are important to me, but achieving the first of my primary goals means I am that one step closer to achieving what I set out to achieve with this project - the live from the profits earned developing apps for Android.

Another plus for today, I found another bug that was causing some crashing issues in the free version of the Computer and IT Quiz app, and have now ironed that out...

And on that positive note, I will end this post.
Thank you for reading.


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