Friday, March 27, 2015

March 2015 Profits - Let's Talk Money

Hello and welcome back again.

I've been busy with the apps again, and my profits are starting to reflect that. Since I included the house ads back into the free Computer and IT Quiz, my sales for the full version of Computer and IT Quiz are slowly on the rise. Profits are still very small, but we're going the right way.

Here are the details so far this month:

March 2015 Sales: ~$21

OK so I'm not going to retire from this, but when you look at the previous two months, you can see this month has seen more that a 50% increase in sales:

Jan 2015 Sales: ~$9
Feb 2015 Sales: ~$9
March 2015 Sales: ~$21

I've also added a new feature to the quiz - the player can select their own category of question. The feature is only available in the full version, so the player is prompted if they try to access this feature from the lite version. Hopefully this will inspire a few players to opt for the full app.

Enjoy your weekend.



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