Saturday, October 18, 2014

An update on my plans for my Android business

Hello all once again!

As I mentioned recently, I'm back working hard on my Android projects in the spare time I have, and will soon be releasing an update for the Computer and IT Quiz.

I've spent some time getting loose ends tied off, organising plans for this particular project and going through the large number of e-mails I received from fans of the quiz (thank you for all your suggestions and comments, they are very much appreciated).

I'm almost at the stage now where I can pick up and start working on a whole bunch of new questions, there are a lot of new topics I want to cover, mainly to bring the quiz up to date with some of the amazing technology available today for IT professionals and fans.

I may separate off some of the Windows XP questions (due to the system becoming very outdated) and allow you guys and girls to select question categories you do/don't want to answer questions on. The old questions won't ever be fully removed from the app though - computer history and legacy systems are very interesting and can be a lot of fun).

That's my update for you anyway - lots of exciting stuff to look forward too, and I hope you computer fanatics are going to enjoy to enjoy the improvements as much as I am.

Thanks again.

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