Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting Back into Android Development

My recent move out with my Fiancée has relit the drive in me to earn more money and I have decided to rewrite my goals. I will most likely be able to spend 30-60 mins each weekday on Android development, in a bid to earn the money I want and eventually to achieve my ultimate goal of living from the money I earn with my Android apps (and this blog if it starts pulling in some decent money).

I was watching a TV show last night called 'Extreme Cheapskates'. I saw a man who would save coins he found on the floor, and eventually have enough money for a meal, and it reminded me that although I am only earning a small amount of money at present with Android, each time I work on the apps and the blog, that monthly amount increases. Obviously if I'm not working at earning the money, it won't come to me.

I've written some extra questions for the Compuer and IT Quiz this week in my spare time, next week I plan to research getting the app more noticed in social networks, then we can see where that goes. Hopefully it will get me a few more downloads.
I also need to improve my Facebook page, so that is perhaps tells a little of my story. I currently have only 16 likes for Spiderdog Software on Facebook. I need to get more so I can use it to promote my new apps and updates.

Anyway, I have just released a new update so please check out the quiz app with all the new questions!


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