Monday, February 11, 2013

January 2013 Profits

Hello all.

App sales went very well in January this year. I am getting within sights of my next goal.
I am going to introduce a change, however, into how I list the profits I earn with Android apps.

In the past, I have always listed my profits as the total amount paid into Google Play, rather than the actual amount I receive (don't ask me why - I don't know!) I don't normally show the chunk Google takes out. From now on, any profits will be shown as the actual amount I receive (before tax) - i.e.  the amount that goes into my bank account.

So, for example, my total earnings for this month were $49 (very close to my target of $50 in a month!), but from now on, I am going to post profits after this deduction has been taken out. It just makes things simpler for my calculations, and also gives readers a better picture of the money I am earning.

So, total profits for this month, after Google's deduction: $31.15. I am very pleased with this - it's my highest earning month ever.

I also have some more interesting news - I am now working on my Computer and IT Quiz as well as some other projects with my friend Janos, who took interest in working with me after playing the quiz. We are currently developing apps together and both have the same goal - to earn enough money to work from home, so I hope we can produce some great apps together.

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